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create a powerful visual brand that makes a connection

consistent, effective communication

A consistent effective message is key to communicating effectively with your customers.

visual standards that create a recognizable brand 

Visual standards solidify this message across all communication platforms and help create a recognizable brand.

build a brand that makes a connection

Connect to your customer with a brand that has meaning beyond your products.

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why ludwigmathias

My grandfather, Ludwig Mathias, emigrated from Gudhjem, Denmark with his family to make a better life and enjoy the freedoms of a new country. This fearlessness and hope inspires me daily.


who am i

I’m Nathan Peterson, an Art Director, Creative Director and Graphic Designer with extensive experience. I specialize in creating unique messages and branding that will help set you apart.


Since 2000, I've provided professional Creative Direction, Art Direction and Graphic Design services to individuals and businesses alike in all sectors including healthy living brands, nutraceutical branding, and lifestyle brands. I create the tools needed to stand out in a crowded market, giving clients a creative and professional boost.



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